30 minutes of curling in 30 seconds

Many people find curling unexciting to watch and I understand. So to make it less painful each minute is reduced to one second in this video. I shot this at the Granite Curling Club last night, my wifes last game of the year, which they unfortunately did not win, i.e. they came in second.

Bliss Project Begins

I shot video of Tiffani from Pure Yoga on Richmond Road recently. This is for what I’m calling the Bliss Project. Here’s the blurb: “How do you bliss out?” Are you an artist working on a painting, an actor becoming someone else when performing or a musician while playing. When becoming competent in any art[…]

Spring is here

It must be spring as I am starting another promotional campaign. I’m sending out mailers this week hoping to meet and work with some old and new clients.

Working with Minto

I’ve been working with Minto and Alphabet Creative on some video and photography. This is an example of the final result after I hand over footage to the editor.