Forgotten Footage

When it gets busy it’s easy to forget about projects you’ve worked on. For some projects I only record the footage and hand it off to the client who then edits it in-house. This campaign was one such case. I recently came across these four video pieces we shot for The Royal in 2015. They are all 30 second pieces that aired on television.

The technical challenge was moving from a very closeup shot to a wide shot in a set period of time. After experimenting with moving the camera and racking focus we settled on using a Canon camera that allowed to to accurately and consistently vary the zoom speed of the lens.

The aesthetic challenge was lighting the two subjects, the talent playing someone with mental health issues, and the spokesperson. We decided to not light the mental health subject in a traditionally attractive way and to light the spokesperson usingĀ a bright shadow free lighting technique.

The spokesperson lighting was a variation of a technique I used to use shooting still fashion photography in Toronto and Vancouver. A soft box for the key light high above their face, and 200 watt pepper fresnel light on a dimmer under that to remove shadows on the face, a white background lit one stop brighter than their face and a large black card on each side of their face. I also positioned them so there was a bit of spill from the background skimming across their cheeks.