Touch Once

When I’m folding laundry I think of my dean at Emily Carr. I was in his office and asked how he dealt with the piles of paper that sat on his desk, and the demand on his time for each. He had just returned from a course on efficiency and was told to never touch[…]

TLR Campaign

I shot a campaign for the hospitals Tender Loving Research series. I shot stills and video. These are the still images, and the video looked even more interesting. Very shallow depth of field and black and white. This is a screen cap from the video…

MacBook Pro vs. iPad Pro

I have a 12.9 inch iPad Pro that I have been trying to fit into my workflow so it is not just a pretty way to read magazines or play solitaire. I had a current 13″ MacBook Pro sitting around unused.   I defined why I thought I needed the MacBook Pro. It was to: transfer video[…]

Zoom Airlines

Mediaplus needed a quick photo of a Zoom Airlines plane. We held a model up against the sky in the parking lot. The image below gives a good idea of what the original image looked like before Photoshop.